PRAXIS /præk.sɪs/

(noun) · social science

practice, as distinguished from theory;
application or use of knowledge or skills

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Our training benefits from our 30+ years of experience in the business and an assembled team of talented multidisciplinary professionals. Our team has the experience necessary to take a project from conception to completion, and a record of delivering innovative, cost-effective training solutions to our clients.

Praxis Learning Management Systems (LMS) are easy to deploy, maintain, and use.

Our LMS solution is perfect for first timers, or for managing users who are otherwise not covered by an existing corporate LMS.

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Your learners expect training to be engaging, interactive and accessible from any device.

We transform your materials into thought-provoking and visually appealing training, which results in better comprehension and retention.

The growing complexity of your processes demands more and more from your people.

We offer dynamic, fully simulated scenarios to prepare your people for the real thing. These interactive, sandbox simulations give your people an easier way to learn the hard lessons.

With the capability to fully-immerse learners in an environment, virtual reality can advance eLearning like never before.

Our VR training is designed to target the specific competencies and skills your people need, and the VR headsets we use are portable and cordless, making them super easy to use.

Learning doesn't stop where the internet ends.

Whether you need manuals, classroom materials, or workbooks, we can do it. If you’re at a remote site with no internet, have limited bandwidth, or need to train large groups simultaneously, we can create a blended training solution to suit any situation.


Praxis is a leader in the design and development of training solutions for a variety of industries. We have active projects in North America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia.


Praxis began as a publisher of training manuals for the pulp and paper industry in British Columbia in 1986. Our experience in this industry spans from forest to press. From the plotting and modeling of logging roads; to illustrating entire pulps mills using 3D models and 2D process and instrumentation diagrams. We have written and published hundreds of training manuals and eLearning modules for forestry companies and pulp mills across North America.

Oil and Gas

Praxis has long-standing working relationships with the sectors largest producers and refiners. Our work in this industry covers the entire spectrum of subjects from health, safety and environmental; maintenance and troubleshooting; process and operations; and console operator training and DCS simulations. We have written, illustrated and implemented training for oil and gas operations around the world, and in a variety of languages. Our expertise includes production, pipelines, refining, transportation and retail.


Working with chemical companies was a natural evolution from our work with oil and gas. Our project experience in this sector includes producing 3D animated process training for greenfield chemical plants using engineering models originally developed for planning and construction purposes. This not only reduces the overall cost of a project but enables the training of operators in advance of plant completion.

Mining and Smelting

As with other process industries, we are an established training developer for the mining and smelting industry. Working with both surface and subsurface mines as well as smelting operations. We have expertise in implementing training programs at remote locations, with limited or no access to internet. This includes the assembly and customization of private-cloud servers, Learning ManagementSystems, and eLearning content.

Public Institutions

Praxis has fostered partnerships with numerous academic institutions. Working closely with these institutions, we have been awarded research grants for a wide range of projects, including; using simulators to study the affect of fatigue on air traffic controllers and airline pilots. We have written and published training for a variety of government ministries and departments, as well as industry associations.

Banking and Insurance

Praxis has written all manner of employee orientation; management and human resources; and software and systems familiarization training for clients in the banking and insurance sector. In addition to eLearning, our work in this sector has included instructor-led training and classroom courseware, and the integration of Learning Management Systems with legacy HR systems.

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