Praxis was one of the first organizations to use Java based systems for Internet/intranet deliverable learning management tools and training software. We have pioneered many new technologies over the years, and this has garnered us awards from industry associations as well as recognition from our clients.


Praxis provides eLearning solutions in SCORM and AICC compliant formats, standalone on CD/DVD, or in a video format. We provide hassle free integration with all Learning Management Systems.


We write training that is clear and concise, and structure our lessons pragmatically. Our goal is to produce visually immersive training that compliments the writing and illustrates the concepts without being confusing. Where possible we engage users with interactive exercises, scenarios and simulations. We create 3D models, illustrations and animations, and synchronize them to high quality narrative tracks. Praxis has produced training in many different languages for clients in Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Europe and North America.


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