Praxis has a great wealth of experience both developing and working with different Learning Management Systems (LMS). We provide a range of consulting and LMS services to our clients, ranging from integration with existing systems; troubleshooting and analysis of client systems; to the customization, implementation, and support of LMS solutions such as Moodle.


Our customized Moodle LMSs provide a host of features for training administrators, instructors, and employees and contractors alike. Features include, but are not limited to; course scheduling; detailed results tracking and reporting; curriculum planning by department and position; certification tracking, expiry, and renewal reminders; document and resource management; forums and Wikis; and templates for creation of courseware and assessments.


The open source Moodle LMS is the most widely used LMS in the world, with over 55,110 registered Moodle instances delivering 4,762,446 individual courses to over 44,966,541 users worldwide. Moodle is in use in over 150 countries and is available in more than 75 different languages.