We Believe...

...in learning by doing.

Training far too often takes the form of passive absorption of facts and memorization of details.


Because practice reinforces new skills, we incorporate as much simulation and hands on activity as possible into our training.

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Greg Millbank

- Managing Director

Praxis is a pioneer in the design and development of eLearning solutions for process industries. Our experienced team can take a project from conception to completion; delivering innovative, cost-effective training solutions for our clients.


Our expertise includes the creation and implementation of custom eLearning modules, Learning Management Systems, Skills Development Environments and Simulations, custom Software Development, and IT Services and Support.


Our clients include many of the world’s leading Fortune 500 companies in the petroleum and petrochemical, pulp and paper, mining and metallurgical sectors.


At Praxis we understand that the success of our business depends on the close, cooperative, long-term relationships we foster with our clients. We believe in providing good work at reasonable rates, and consequently virtually all of the clients we have worked with over the 25 years continue work with us on a regular basis.